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Whether for hunting, protection, sport, or just for fun target shooting, we have what you are looking for.   Search our in stock items or special order through us, for all your firearms needs.  With multiple suppliers, we are able to price compare to get you the best deal possible without going and fighting the crowds at the stores.  

Also available, hunting/survival/outdoor gear, any other firearms accessories, knives, and bags. Let us know what you're looking for!

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Western Armory LLC BBB Business Review
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The Firearm is required to be delivered to an authorized dealer for presentation of the buyer’s FFL License, for authorized transfer of the Firearm.

We want to help you find exactly the type of hand gun you need for protection.  Not like the gun shops of old, trying to sell you the latest and greatest.  We want you to have the best firearm for YOU!


Western Armory LLC BBB Business Review