We started our business to help people find the right firearm they are looking for, without the hassle of pushy or rude sales people, with an honest integrity to get you a fair price. We have always been a very family orientated company and always will be. With that we are proud to announce a new and unique non-profit we have partnered with.  

       With this partnership we can give back to the people who help keep our freedoms a reality, and do some good for them and their families. Helping Heroes Fly is a non-profit who provide airfare to enlisted military personnel when they need to be home with their families for holidays, special events, or emergencies, but cannot afford to get there. They use 90% of all donations for airfare.

        As a partner, a portion of every firearm sale will go directly to Helping Heroes Fly. In addition, We will hold certain months as fundraiser months, designated by us accordingly, depending on what we have going on, where we will send $25 of each firearm sale, directly to them.

       Please join us in helping our nation's military! We appreciate you taking the time to read this message, and look forward to helping you and the heroes that make it all possible.


Please follow us, and Helping Heroes Fly on Facebook, so you can stay updated on our fundraiser months.


Western Armory is a proud sponsor of local MMA fighter, Kris Hocum!  We have known Kris for over 10 years now and are so excited for him!  Kris and his family live in Fort Collins.  For more information about Kris and his upcoming fights, please follow him on Facebook. 

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